A Small Golden Speaker

After building my big speaker I still had a sheet of plywood left. The obvious solution was to build a smaller speaker. I already had an overload of speakers, so I decided to build one for my girlfriend Anna. Concept My concept was a mono speaker built as a small vertical cabinet. I liked the idea of building a ported (bass reflex) design using a port constructed as part of the cabinet.

MusicBee Playlist Sync

MusicBee to Google Music playlist sync Note: This has stopped working because Google have deprecated the Client Login API. Also I used Spotify now. My favourite music player for Windows is MusicBee. It’s fast with large libraries, is full of useful features and utilities and is easily expandable with plugins. I wrote a utility to synchronise playlists from MusicBee to Google Music, allowing me to use those playlists on my phone.

LED Light Control Board

After I built my LED sign (I discuss the process here), it became clear that simply turning the light on or off wasn’t enough. A few challenges were identified: The light was too bright. At about 30 W of LEDs (which are far more efficient than a similarly rated incandescent would be), it puts out a lot of light. Not exactly mood lighting. It needed to flash! I decided to build something which addressed both of these.

An assortment of mostly out-of-date things I’ve made.