My name is Leo Rampen. I'm an engineer.

I studied aerospace engineering at the University of Leeds. For my final year project, we built an autonomous blimp. Before I graduated in 2012, I spent a year studying at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. There, when I wasn't ice skating on the world's largest skating rink, I worked on a massive flight simulator capable of spinning you in absolutely any direction.

Since I graduated I've been working for Airbus Defence and Space on the NovaSAR project. We've been building a low cost space-based synthetic aperture radar.

In my spare time I often work on other technology projects, usually revolving around music in some way. This site is an attempt to document some of them (as well as good motivation to finish things!)

I'm a big fan of dancing. I've been swing dancing for about 2 1/2 years and it is absolutely fantastic! It's really fascinating how most humans seem to have an inbuilt desire to dance. It's such a shame that many people are too embarrassed to properly embrace it. I recently read a quote from a 1690 (that's not a typo) advice column which really resonated with me.

Q: Dancing, is it lawful?

A: Dancing seems in some sort natural: It's difficult not to leap for joy and the whole body seems almost necessarily to follow the motion of the spirits and blood ... this natural way of expelling mirth, which is also a healthful exercise to the body.

The 20th century may have invented amplified music, but we certainly didn't invent dancing. So go and dance!

Find me on Linkedin, StackOverflow, Github, Twitter or contact me by email: leo at lrampen dot com.